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Nambour is a quaint town situated in between the hinterland and the coast. The streets of Nambour are filled will quirky shops selling everything from vintage clothes, local art and clothing, records and second hand books. Nambour also has its fair share of fun cafes and restaurants, there is truly something for everyone.

Nambour places a strong emphasis on the values of arts and culture which is evident by simply walking through the streets lined with sculptures and local artworks.

The Nambour Civic centre is a hum for arts and entertainment housing a cinema and regularly puts on music, theatre and dance events. The Nambour Lind Lane Theatre is yet another live performance venue found in the town of Nambour. Open air community events such as the Nambour originals are held on every second and fourth Sunday of each month and features live local music enjoyed in a picnic style setting.

This love for art and local talent is one of the many reasons that David Frith Jewellery is glad to be offering their products and services to the wonderful people of Nambour.

David Frith Jewellery is a renowned jewellery studio located on the sunshine coast that is home to resident award-winning master jeweller Siobhan Frith. Siobhan has an incredible 30 years of experience in the jewellery industry and brings her extensive knowledge and experience with her to work every day. Siobhan specialises both in modern jewellery design and antique jewellery restoration.

Handmade Jewellery Nambour QLD – Jewellery Designer

Siobhan also has her own collection of stunning jewellery that she designs and handmakes herself. This collection is available to purchase on online store at the David Frith Jewellery Website. Siobhan also offers customers from all over the globe an excellent range of restored antique and vintage jewellery which is also available for purchase on the David Frith Jewellery Website.

David Frith Jewellery offers a wide range of services to the people of Nambour. One of these services is jewellery resizing. For a fraction of the cost that the retail guys will do it for, Siobhan can resize any item that is not the perfect fit so that you can begin wearing your item with pride.

Commissions for custom jewellery items is another service that Siobhan Frith of David Frith Jewellery is happy to provide the people of Nambour. Siobhan can custom design any item of jewellery including engagement rings and wedding rings. Why not have a unique jewellery item that will be treasured for ever as one of a kind? If you have a vision of a piece for yourself or a gift, talk to Siobhan and see how she can turn your vision into a reality.