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Buderim is a charming hinterland town on the sunshine coast. It is a luscious and thriving green town with tropical gardens filled with native flowers and streets that are lined with trees. Buderim is an excellent cool escape form the coastal heat and humidity.

Buderim forest park is another example of Buderim’s natural wonder. The park offers three walking parks through lush rainforest, the Serenity falls all on the comfort of well-maintained paths.

The town was once the home of the sunshine coasts timbre industry and the memory of this has been preserved by the pioneer Cottage. The Pioneer Cottage is built with pit-sawn cedar and beech in the 1800’s by one of the areas earliest settlers J.K. Burnett. The cottage displays rooms perfectly furnished in period décor to allow you to travel back in time and appreciate the history of Buderim and its people.

Sunshine Coast based Jewellery studio, David Frith Jewellery is owned by award winning master jeweller Siobhan Frith. David Frith Jewellery is so happy to be providing the people of beautiful Buderim with their products and services. Siobhan Frith has 30-year experience in the industry. Specialising in both modern jewellery design and antique jewellery restoration, Siobhan has worked in England and Australia.

Handmade Jewellery Buderim – Jewellery Designer

Siobhan designs and creates her own handmade jewellery which she is able to offer to customers around the world, in addition to collecting or restoring antique jewellery pieces. These items are available to purchase in the online shop. Siobhan also sells a variety of restored antique and vintage items as well.

Siobhan offers the people of Buderim an extensive range of specialised services to suit all jewellery needs. One service offered by Siobhan is Jewellery remodelling. Give a new life to a jewellery item that is out of fashion or that is in a form that the wearer does not enjoy with Siobhan’s Jewellery remodelling service. For example, Siobhan can remodel a vintage brooch into a new stunning ring or turn a family heirloom ring into a totally transformed new ring. The possibilities are endless.

David Frith Jewellery also offers jewellery repair services. If you have an item tucked away in your jewellery box with a broken chain, link or missing or loose stone, why not repair it? Siobhan can repair your item so that you can get back to wearing your beloved jewellery for years to come.

Find out more by looking at David Frith Jewellery’s full list of services here.