Meet Siobhan

Master Jeweller Sunshine Coast

Siobhan Frith is an award-winning Master Jeweller based in South East Queensland’s beautiful sunshine coast. Siobhan has had over 30 years of experience within the jewellery trade. Prior to her gender transition, Siobhan was known as David Frith, the name that she uses for her brand today. In the UK, where she is originally from, Siobhan started her career as a jewellery designer. During this time gained a vast knowledge of jewellery design techniques that pushed past the boundaries of modern-day apprenticeship curriculum from the talented bench jewellers and antique dealers who she had the privilege to work alongside. Siobhan got to learn about the history of jewellery making techniques throughout the ages. She studied the way jewellery was made in different periods of time from the Roman era to the roaring twenties. On top of this Siobhan got to have daily hands-on experience with rare and ancient pieces.

One of the many reasons that make Siobhan stand out from the rest is that this unique experience and knowledge allows her to restore antique pieces with integrity while honouring the history and originality of the piece. Siobhan also utilises this knowledge and experience to create handmade modern jewellery using traditional techniques. This means that her pieces are made with love, care and to last a lifetime – no shortcuts here!

Siobhan offers jewellery commissions, jewellery repairs and jewellery restoration. Siobhan also has a growing collection of antique jewellery for sale to add something unique and full of character to your jewellery box.

Siobhan believes that learning never stops and it is this aspect of her trade that she especially enjoys.

Master Jeweller Sunshine Coast – Custom, Handmade, Antique Jewellery