Buying or Selling Jewellery and Gold2019-07-27T22:40:14+10:00

Buying or Selling Jewellery and Gold

If you have jewellery to sell, we might be interested.

How much do you pay for gold?2019-07-28T00:29:12+10:00

If you’re a client who is having a commission made, we will give you part exchange on your old gold jewellery (subject to it being weighed and tested of course) to the value of what we would get for scrapping gold at the bullion dealer’s – which will be higher than what the usual gold buying places will generally offer.

If you’re just wanting to sell your old gold for cash, please phone or email us for today’s current rate. Please note these rates change every day and therefore our quote will only hold for 24 hours.

I have an appraisal certificate for my jewellery, why can’t I sell it for that amount?2019-07-28T00:31:23+10:00

A valuation is always significantly more than the commercial value of an item – often more than double. Whilst offering an item for sale with a valuation certificate might enhance its appeal and authenticity, you will never sell it for the valued amount.

The practice of offering for sale jewellery with an appraisal or valuation (valued by the people that sold it to you) is a scam that’s widely accepted by insurance companies. Many jewellery companies want their customers to believe they are getting more for their money than they actually are. And of course insurance companies are more than happy to receive your payments to insure that item for that amount.

We always recommend our clients obtain an independent valuation of their jewellery for insurance purposes, although this will still be a higher amount than the market value.

Click here for an excellent article from Jeweller magazine about the practice of selling jewellery with a valuation.