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Noosa is known worldwide as the ultimate Aussie coastal destination. Offering both breathtaking natural sights of forest and beaches as well as a bustling main street filled with restaurants, cafes, bars and shops.

Hastings street is where you will find a variety of high-end brands as well as local designers and businesses selling everything from clothes, jewellery, art and homewares. You can spend hours just window shopping through the many boutiques and are never far from a refreshing drink or a bite to eat with the abundance of restaurants and cafes.

Noosa is renowned for its pristine, white sandy beaches lined with lush greenery and national park. You can enjoy a swim in the crystal-clear water after a relaxing walk through the Noosa National park, enjoying the tropical scenery and panoramic views once at the headland.

Handmade Custom Jewellery Noosa – Repairs & Remodelling

Located near Noosa is Sunshine Coast’s David Frith Jewellery studio. David Frith Jewellery is elated to provide their products and services to the people and visitors of beautiful Noosa. Siobhan Frith is David Frith Jewellery’s resident Jeweller. Siobhan is a master jeweller and has won multiple awards for her craft. She also has an impressive 30 years of experience in the jewellery industry. This means you can be sure that all of Siobhan’s pieces were made with expert experience and knowledge as well as love and care, they will always be top quality.

David Frith Jewellery offers a range of services for every jewellery need. These services include jewellery restoration, jewellery repair, jewellery resizing and jewellery remodelling. If you have a treasured item hidden away because it is broken, Siobhan can repair your jewellery so that you can get back to wearing it for many years to come. If your item is not broken but perhaps scratched, dinted or dull David Frith Jewellery can restore your jewellery and return it to its former glory. Jewellery resizing by David Frith Jewellery is an excellent option if you have an item that is not the perfect fit. Siobhan can resize your item and all at a fraction of the cost that the major retail guys will do it for. Siobhan can also remodel any jewellery pieces that are not fashionable or to your taste anymore. For example, if you have been handed down a brooch, Siobhan can remodel this into a wearable and stylish ring while honouring the original piece.

If you would like to find out more about Siobhan or David Frith Jewellery’s products and services head to About page.