Antique Jewellery Restoration

Antique Jewellery Repair & Remodelling Sunshine Coast

Siobhan has a wealth of experience in sensitively restoring and repairing antique and vintage jewellery. She often takes on work that other jewellers turn down due to lack of experience. However, she also knows when to exercise caution and, if she judges the work will involve significant risk to a fragile piece, she will consult the client over whether the work should in fact take place.

Siobhan welcomes enquiries via phone or email but inevitably she must see the jewellery for herself before making any decisions or recommendations. You are welcome to send her any pieces for appraisal via registered or express post – please include a return post satchel in case you decide not to go ahead with the recommended work.* Please contact Siobhan first to let her know that you’re sending her something.

N.B. Please ensure you post your item via registered or express post with ‘signed for’.

Take a look at some examples of Siobhan’s work in antique jewellery restoration.

antique jewellery restoration sunshine coast
antique rings sunshine coast - jewellery repair
jewellery repair Sunshine Coast - jewellery repair Maroochydore
jewellery repair Sunshine Coast - jewellery repair Maroochydore

19th century earrings: Siobhan bought these fantastic 19th century 18ct gold, emerald and pearl earrings assuming they were French. Once they had been carefully cleaned however it was then possible to see the hallmark properly and, after some extensive research, it became clear that they were instead Austro-Hungarian from the era of the Habsburg Empire.

*Please see our terms and conditions for delivery.