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Jewellery Designer David Frith

jewellery designer David Frith

As a diving mad, fell running obsessed bikie, jewellery designer David Frith moved to Queensland's Sunshine Coast from the UK for the better weather and change in lifestyle! He has brought with him more than 25 years worth of valuable experience and expertise in jewellery making and repairs of both modern and antique jewellery.

Now a master jeweller, David has spent the majority of his career working on handmade jewellery commissions as well as the repairs and restoration of antique jewellery in England. In addition, he produces his own modern jewellery designs in his home based studio near Noosa.

During his training and throughout his career as a jewellery designer, David was lucky enough to work with gifted and talented bench jewellers and antique dealers who shared with him their vast knowledge of jewellery design techniques outside the confines of the modern day apprenticeship curriculum.

When I started my apprenticeship over 25 years ago I found myself at the bench with an elderly jeweller who had made original Art Deco pieces in the 1920s - it was pretty inspiring stuff!

Many apprenticeships focus on modern day techniques rather than on a complete biopsy of jewellery making techniques down the ages. By studying the way jewellery was made - from Roman times to the roaring twenties - and having day to day hands on experience with rare, valuable and even ancient pieces, David has a thorough understanding of how antique pieces were constructed so as to restore them without bringing in modernism.

And it is this knowledge that ensures his modern handmade jewellery commissions are crafted using traditional techniques so that they also will last a lifetime.

David believes that the learning never stops and it is this side of his trade that he especially enjoys.

In line with the strict hallmark regulations in the UK, David is registered as a jewellery maker with Sheffield Assay Office, UK and this is his maker's stamp.

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